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Peet has been part of the Australian community for 120 years and was founded in Perth. We're one of the country's oldest and most respected residential property groups and have helped hundreds of thousands of people establish their new home and start an exciting new phase of their life.

Today, the Peet Group plans, designs and creates innovative and sustainable communities in every Australian mainland state and territory.  We provide choice for homebuyers at all stages of life by offering a range of quality homesites, townhouses and apartments in a range of locations, close to existing or planned infrastructure including schools, health services, shopping and employment opportunities.

Peet takes great pride in its communities and has a strong sense of responsibility to the people who choose to live in them. That is why we work with some of the very best in the business, investing heavily in the design and implementation of the streetscapes, public spaces and infrastructure at each of our very individual communities.

Importantly, we also consider how the people who live here want to live now and in 10 or 20 years’ time – and what they’ll need and want in terms of transport, shopping, work, health, recreation, community connections, education and more – all the essential foundations on which to build a thriving, sustainable community.

We also work with the natural environment, maximising the natural features of an area, conserving bushland, wetlands or other features wherever possible, and often transforming neglected areas into new space for residents to enjoy.    

We invite you to explore Peet’s 120 year history at

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